All the choirs to be divided into two age categories:

  1. Children's choirs below 16 years of age (born in 2002 and younger, 10 % can be older - maximum 18 years old)
  2. Adult choirs (no age limit)


Adult choirs will be divided into:

  1. Vocal groups (up to 8 singers, where every voice is covered by one or two singers max)
  2. Singing choirs (other bigger singing bodies)

The jury have all rights reserved to shift choir to the category that is more suitable for particular chosen repertory.

Competition is open even to vocal and choir professionals, there are no prospects off financial reward anyway :-).

Roughly 15 choirs have been registered so far.


Competition program of a Choir

  • The total time of a performance should not exceed 12 minutes.
  • The competition pieces must belong to popular music. At least one piece must be a capella.

  • There are no microphones or any other sound system and with regards to the acoustics of the Knight’s Hall it is not recommnded.

We believe that the choirs that have already performed a tour festival would consider changing their repertory. Looking forward to it.



The actual performances wil be judged by an experienced jury consisting of broadly recognized experts in choir singing as well as popular music*. According to the scores, choirs shall appear in one of those awards:

  • Golden award (25–30 points)
  • Silver award (20–24,99 points)
  • Bronze award (15–19,99 pointsů)

* Professional jury:

  • MgA. Michal Hájek,
  • Mgr. Sylva Sasková,
  • Veronika Vítová,
  • Nancy Gibson (Germany)

(Composition of members of the jury will probably change.)

Only the choir with golden award can receive the title „Category winner“.


Grand Prix JP

(Saturday from 19:00 - Knight's Hall – Červený Hrádek)

The competition of Grand Prix is entered by the winners of categories 1.A, 2.A, 2.B plus two more choir with a golden award. Every nominee performs two songs (at least one a cappella), with the condition that one had not been heard before in category competitions. There presentatives of each choir would draw publicly the order of their performance. This is a completely different competition with all previous results being forgotten, the jury using the secret votes.

The winner of the evening Grand Prix obtains the „Cup of the Knight of Jirkov 2018“.